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We don’t trade in guesswork.

Instead we use a road-tested process to dig out the real needs and behaviours of your customers. We think this process is so important that we won’t start a project without it.

Then, we take our findings to build a rock-solid strategy. We’re as obsessed with brand as we are user experience, so we pull that knowledge through to every digital solution that we create. That means a website, app, or platform that works hard for you, and that makes life easier for your customers.

And our work transforms businesses.

Whether you’re going through a growth stage or making changes from the ground up, we’ll lay down a digital foundation on which you can build.

For too long, the B2B space has been dominated by archaic ideas and convoluted ways of working. At elcap we work efficiently, honestly, and with results on our mind. It’s UX done properly, and it will revolutionise your digital presence.

Meet the team

Small in size but big on experience, our hand-picked team of experts is here to build the very best solutions to your digital problems.


Andy Sweeting

Founder & Digital Strategist

Andy is a multi award-winning digital professional and has been working in the industry for over 15 years.
Andy started as a web developer, then moved on to specialise in digital marketing, with a focus on conversion through effective customer journeys and UX design.
When not in a workshop (or sat behind a MacBook) Andy is a Dad, or as Ted likes to think, a wrestling coach, stick collector and fellow dinosaur enthusiast.

Ali Qamar

Head of Development

A Masters graduate, Ali is a PHP developer with a keen interest in emerging technologies, usability and developing bespoke software which meets the most complex of business challenges.
When not coding, Ali likes to spend his free time with his three children Zarmina, Alina and Zaed. They love exploring the sprawling hills around Greater Manchester together. If you're ever wondering what to do or where to go, and love the great outdoors, Ali is our "Green Spaces" expert.

Emily Hill

Head of Digital Marketing

Emily is our Head of Digital Marketing and HubSpot automation geek. She's got a first-class degree in Marketing Communications with Advertising and a Distinction Postgraduate Diploma in B2B Digital Marketing. Prior to elcap, Emily has worked in marketing for over a decade in both agency and client-side roles. In these roles, Emily led numerous campaigns that resulted in multi-million-pound business contracts. When Emily's not planning inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to help her customers grow their pipeline, you'll probably find her hiking in the dales, trying to keep up with her toddler.

Aaron Lockett

UX Designer

As a UX Designer at Elcap, Aaron is enthusiastic about designing user-centred experiences that achieve successful outcomes for our clients. With five years of experience working in digital agencies, Aaron has developed strong skills in user research, user experience design, and project management.Aaron continuously seeks to further his education and recently completed his Level 5 Diploma in UX Design. Aaron is now pursuing a BSc in UX to further enhance his expertise in the field. Outside work, Aaron is a proud father to Fletcher and serves as the resident DJ in the office. Although his two roles have not yet intersected, the team at Elcap would be more than happy to have Fletcher join Aaron on the decks.

Harrison Buckley

Junior Web Developer

Harrison is our resident Apprentice Developer. Having started with us in 2021 he’s learning how to apply his studies and development skills in a commercial environment, with the support of the team.
When he’s not studying or working on client websites, Harrison is dog-dad to Truffle, our expert gamer and the foodie of the group. He’s working his way through the local Ancoats restaurants and is always ready with suggestions for where to have our next team social.

Ben Gratrix

Digital Account Manager

Ben is our Digital Account Manager and newest member of the team, his role at elcap is to focus on customer success and satisfaction.
Before joining us, Ben worked for a national retail organisation in a management role, whilst simultaneously studying for a degree in Business Management. Under the guidance of elcap, he will be continuing his studies but to now complete a level 6 Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship.
Outside of work, Ben is a die-hard Manchester United fan. Frequently visiting Old Trafford to support his side. If not watching football, you will probably find him playing it with his mates or for his local club.

Anna Scott

Senior Brand Strategist

Anna is a senior brand and comms strategist with over 20 years in the industry, working with global, European and British health and B2B businesses.
She started as a graphic designer, continued in client services, but found her passion in research, brand and strategy. She spends time getting close to businesses to really understand them, their audiences and their marketplace to truly connect them with their buyer personas to dive engagement and sales.
When Anna isn’t conducting market research or mulling on brand essences, Anna loves to drag her family out for hikes and other adventures.

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