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elcap recruits new Head of Development

By November 1, 2019

We’re delighted to announce that Ali Qamar has joined the elcap team this month as our new Head of Development.

Ali and I have worked together previously and I knew when I started my own agency that I’d want to eventually have him as part of the team.

A Masters graduate and one of Manchester’s leading PHP developers, Ali is a time-served dev with a passion for his craft.

With expertise as a technical consultant, and with an understanding of how to create safe, secure and effective solutions, Ali adds an extra dimension to our core offer of understanding users and business strategies.

Our growth plan over the next five years focuses on complex online software development for our clients, and it’s Ali’s vast experience in this field which sets him (and us) apart from our competitors.

It’s clear that clients enjoy working with Ali. He is methodical, approachable and a perfectionist. Above all, Ali fits the culture of elcap; recognising that being technically brilliant isn’t good enough, you’ve got to be a jolly good soul too. He’s a genuine person, with genuine expertise—qualities we look for in everyone we recruit.

I can’t wait to show you how Ali can help your business overcome any digital challenge.

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