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The brief

The previous website was built on a modified Drupal platform that was initially developed to support small accountants firms. It was also one of the most complex sites developed on this legacy platform and had been heavily modified to provide the current level of functionality. This had created several issues, namely the inability to quickly make functional updates without the support from the previous digital agency. Nixon Williams appointed elcap to undertake a full UX process to study, plan and rebuild the website on an open-source platform that would provide the in-house team with a flexible CMS and the ability to make changes in a quicker, and more efficient manner.

The technical challenge

In addition to the development of a bespoke front-end and Content Management System (CMS) page builder, we needed to redevelop one of the most complex and adaptable take home pay calculators available online. Most take home pay calculators allow the user to input a few variables such as day rate, how often they're paid and annual number of working weeks. The Nixon Williams calculator allows the user to provide granular input figures such as daily mileage, flat rate VAT usage and salary to name a few. Furthermore, the website had to also provide a way of integrating multiple Eloqua forms into a user friendly copy and paste CMS function.

The solution

We studied users behavior on the existing website before taking the client through a UX (User Experience) workshop to delve deeper into the customer behavior and business strategy before producing sitemaps, user personas, a UX strategy and clickable prototype wireframes. Once we knew that the strategy was right we developed a bespoke front-end theme and integrated it with the WordPress CMS via a custom page builder. The calculator was built in JavaScript and we created a fully editable back-end administration panel that would enable the client to change formulas, thresholds, tax rates and allowances in line with changes in tax policy

Happy clients

“Attitude, Process, Quality. Three words I use to describe elcap. And that’s exactly how they delivered our new website, the time to get under the skin of the business and its requirements across multiple stakeholders, to the execution of meticulous project management, has resulted in the quality of design, build and slick user experience of our website.From this, we’ve seen a huge increase in onsite engagement and conversion rates, not to mention the brand recognition and trust signals it’s delivering daily.”

Christopher Shepherd, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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