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The brief

Key Information Documents (KID) were introduced as a legislative change on 6th April 2020 to increase pay transparency for agency workers and provide key information regarding their assignments. The brief was to create a new tool for recruitment agencies to enable them to produce KID's for their workers.
The aim of the tool was to simplify the process for clients by creating a form that populates a downloadable PDF which can then be shared with the worker.
As the completion of the form could include many variables, a robust calculator was required to sit behind the tool in order to product accurate results to comply with the legislative requirements.

The Technical Challenge

The tool had to allow individual recruiters to have access to their own account so they could produce and retrieve KID's that only they should have access to; this was to maintain the privacy of the workers' data. The calculations behind the productions of the KID's are also complex, but in order to ensure completion rates were we had to provide a calculator which was simple to use.

The solution

The tool was developed as a secure portal using the WordPress account management functionality to ensure recruiters had access to their own unique customer account. A custom database was introduced to ensure that recruiters could produce and retrieve KID's that only they should have access to.
We developed a fully custom JavaScript calculator with back-end administration functionality; this was to ensure the client could change formulas, thresholds, tax rates and allowances if and when they changed in the future.

Happy clients

“elcap are the best agency I’ve worked with to-date. Their willingness to deliver quality work in remarkable circumstances is testament to their entire team. They care and it shows.”

Christopher Shepherd, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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