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The brief

The previous Pachacuti website was built on an end-of-life Magento platform and needed to be replaced.
Pachacuti had already chosen a software house (Gooey) to build the new platform. Gooey recommended elcap's services to ensure that the website investment was maximised by ensuring the UX, design, migration and SEO were factored before the development could commence.

The design challenge

It was clear from the beginning that this was not a typical e-commerce website; the focus was not only on selling products but using the brand as the vehicle to sell the product. The client had previously invested time and budget in quality photography and our designs had to make the most of this. The challenge was to craft a user experience which not only did justice to the photograpy but provided the user with an enjoyable shopping experience which mirrored that of buying in-store.
The Pachacuti store offers a custom hat-builder service, which the website also needed to incorporate. With complex logic and multiple variables, from the type of weave to the style of bow, the user experience had to make the process of customising your hat a simple but special one.

The Solution

To do justice to the brand we had to immerse ourselves in the story behind both the brand and the products. It was imperitive that the website showed how the product is made and the ethics behind making a purchase from Pachacuti.
Through workshopping we identified buying patterns and characteristics which we then developed into user personas, user journeys and developed a UX strategy which would provide the foundations of the prototyping phase.
The designs were developed to create a user experience which meets the quality of the brand experience. We went a step further with the prototyping and planned the visual feedback and interactions to provide the premium buying experience you would expect when purchasing a luxury product.

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