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The brief

The initial brief was to produce a new pricing calculator that would allow prospects to input multiple variables in order to gain an undertaking of the budgets required for their organisation to benefit from the Qualsys software suite. Following further discovery work, it was identified that the calculator could be part of a wider sales enablement tool and be used to provide an enhanced customer journey whilst also improving the prospect onboarding experience.

The technical challenge

The new tool needed to sit behind a secure login portal and connect into multiple third-party systems. The clients website is WordPress based, which itself is integrated into a HubSpot CRM. The HubSpot set-up is then integrated into a further software tool for administration of legal documents. We therefore had to plan a futureproof solution that would provide a slick user experience whilst also providing the potential for future developments and integrations.

The solution

Before deciding on the final technical solution, we held a systems analysis workshop exercise with the client to map out the software workflow, identify various third-party integrations and at what stage of the journey they need to take place. We then researched the technology options available to build the platform on before deciding to build the infrastructure of the portal in Laravel and the front-end with React JS, both of which are ideal technologies for fast, API driven online software solutions.

Happy clients

“A very professional, well organised and results-focused marketing and web development agency. Cannot recommend elcap agency enough. No matter what complex project we’ve thrown at them, they’ve always delivered on-time and exceptional results. Thank you!”

Emily Hill, Marketing Manager

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